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Commonside Alpacas
S18 7SJ UK

Tel: 01246 916324
Tel: 07376 582602
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About Commonside Alpacas

Commonside Alpacas is born from the love of these amazing animals, and what started as a hobby has evolved into a full time business.

Once you start with alpacas you very quickly get bitten by the bug and before long you realise you are not alone, everyone loving nothing better than talking about their animals.

Commonside Alpacas is based in Barlow (once an old mining town) near to the Peak District between Chesterfield and Sheffield at the family home Wellspring Farm, with 40 acres of land and breath taking views over to Owlerbar and Holmesfield.

Commonside Alpacas is run by Carol with help from her youngest daughter Georgina and her husband Mark.

If you want to know more about alpacas then get in touch.

Member of The British Alpaca Society